Real Nice organic ice lollies are made from the whole fruit, not juice, and the delicious specially blended purees contain:
- No added water
- No added sugar
- No additives or preservatives
- No 'nasties' of any kind

Banana & Raspberry Ice Lolly
Bananas, Raspberries - That's it! Only 42 Calories per lolly.

Mango Ice Lolly
Mangoes, Apples, Lime Juice - That's it! Only 34 Calories per lolly.

Mixed Berry Ice Lolly
Apples, Bananas, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackcurrants - That's it! Only 35 Calories per lolly.

Multiboxes - To take home consist of:

4 x Banana
& Raspberry
4 x Mango
4 x Mixed Berry
2 x Banana
& Raspberry
2 x Mango